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You can see that an outdoor wood furnace can provide a solution to many different heating requirements, including homes, businesses, domestic water, greenhouses and swimming pools. It can adapt to any new or existing heating system. It can provide steady heat and long burn times. It can keep wood and ash mess out of the home and remove any health or safety hazards from the home. It uses wood: an environmentally friendly, renewable fuel. Wood fuel is inexpensive and an outdoor wood furnace can pay back on the initial investment in just a few years. Using wood reduces dependence on the constantly fluctuating prices of traditional heating fuels and financial savings can add up to thousands of dollars in a ten-year period.

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Would you like to share your experience with wood heating? Have you enjoyed the benefits of wood heat, such as independence, comfort, and financial savings? Have you had problems with wood heat, such as chimney fires, smoke and dirt indoors, or smoke damage? Do you have a question about outdoor furnaces or wood heating in general? Do you have a comment or suggestion about our site? Please send us e-mail at feedback@woodheating.com. We appreciate hearing from you.

"I haven't bought oil in two years.
I have all the hot water I want.
I have controllable heat even in mild weather.
I don't worry about chimney fires."

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