Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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Convenience and Comfort

Thermostatic Control

An outdoor wood furnace is thermostatically controlled to provide a comfortable and steady indoor temperature. Thermostatic control, along with large firebox size, allows for long burn times. Most owners need only fill their furnace once every 12 to 24 hours, though many have considerably longer burn times, depending on furnace size and current heating requirements. This eliminates the discomfort of waking up to a cold house or the inconvenience of filling a wood stove in the middle of the night. A large firebox size also means that an outdoor wood furnace can burn large, unsplit logs, making wood splitting unnecessary.

Evenly Distributed Heat

With typical wood stoves inside the home, the rooms closest to the stove receive the most heat and the rooms furthest from the stove receive the least heat. Temperatures can vary from 50 degrees to 100 degrees F, depending on each room's distance from the wood stove. An outdoor wood furnace can provide heat evenly throughout the home, using existing forced air or how water systems, keeping all rooms at the same temperature.

"It keeps our century-old home as warm as toast in the entire house including the basement, which was never warm with electric heat."

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