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Outdoor Wood Furnaces

What is an Outdoor Wood Furnace?

You may have heard them called "outdoor boilers" or "water stoves," but most outdoor wood furnaces share the same basic format.

The wood furnace is located outside at a desired distance from the building being heated. The unit consists of a wood-burning firebox surrounded by an insulated water jacket. The entire unit is insulated and covered by a protective weatherproof exterior.

The heat from combustion is transferred from the firebox to the water in the surrounding water jacket. A thermostat controls combustion in the firebox, keeping the water temperature within a specific range. This heated water is pumped from the outdoor furnace to the buildings being heated via insulated underground pipes. There heat is transferred and delivered through the existing heating system. An outdoor wood furnace can work with any new or existing heating system, including forced-air, radiant floor, and baseboard systems.

Additional Uses

Outdoor wood furnaces also have many additional uses. One of these is the ability to heat domestic water. Owners enjoy having an unlimited supply of hot water and reducing their utility bills.

A single outdoor wood furnace can also provide heat for multiple buildings from a central location. Heating all your buildings from one furnace instead of heating each building individually saves time and money.

Outdoor wood furnaces, in addition to heating homes and businesses, can heat many other applications, including shops, garages, barns, drying kilns, greenhouses, swimming pools, and hot tubs.

"The outside furnace is nice because all of the mess stays outside. It has heated this old house very well."

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