Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Clean, Safe


Economic Benefits

Affordable Wood Heat

Using wood heat reduces dependence on the fluctuating prices of traditional heating fuels. Wood is one of the least expensive heating fuels available. Many outdoor wood furnace owners have ample supplies of wood available on nearby forestland and harvest their own firewood. Many logging services, wood products manufacturers, and other companies have waste wood available at little or no cost.

Meets All Heating Needs

Outdoor wood furnaces can eliminate the cost of heating domestic water and the need for separate heating systems in multiple buildings. One furnace can meet 100% of the owner's heating needs with economical wood heat. With the affordability of firewood and the ability to heat multiple buildings and domestic water, outdoor wood furnaces most often pay for themselves within a few years. The payback period on an outdoor wood furnace can be as short as two or three years.

"I have saved about $6,000 this year for heat and all my domestic hot water."

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